" Paseo Pirates '75"
  " Paseo Pirates '75"

                Class Meeting Minutes


Paseo High School Sr. Class of 1975 Meeting Minutes

 Oct 9th, 2021         


Attendees:  Janice Watson-Winston, Carolyn Talbert-Johnson, Erwin Brown, Toni Kirkwood-Ealy, George Davis, Floyd Allen, James Wilson


*Next meeting: Sometime in Jan via MS Teams video conference.  Expect invites by the end of November.

Discussion items:

  • Contact methods.  By email, Facebook and text group.  Facebook has been the main method to date.  Expect more information to be sent out by email as well.  If you want to be added to a created text messaging group, send me a text with your name to 816-663-3139.  I have a few names already but not in a group.  This I will create.  Keeping in mind we have to keep messages short and on point or they will flood our phones.
  • Yes, it’s happening!!!  Our 50th Reunion is less than 4 years away.  Next year we will have to get serious in planning.  Get your engines tuned up for ideas and suggestions.  Looking for a theme!  The shirts, caps, visors and whatever else colors will be a blend of the traditional red, black and gold.  
  • Do you have an idea you would like to submit for future social events?  Bowling, back yard cinema, cookouts (this spring), lunch, dinner, etc.   By all means submit them so they can be discussed at the group meetings.
  • If you run into other classmates, please check to see if they are getting the info.  We don’t want to leave anyone out. Reach out, let them know we are here.  Our new email address (it can be found on the web site too, www.paseohigh-1975.org) is srpirates1975@gmail.com
  • Where does everyone stand on how we meet in the future?  In person, online?  Monthly or quarterly intervals?  Chime in with your thoughts.
  • Dues are being collected. Your contribution goes toward reservations, to help with cookouts and dinners, the upcoming Reunion, etc.   The Cash App is up and running.  Our Cash app $CASHTAG is $Paseo1975.  If you prefer to submit dues ($5 per month) by cash (usually collected at the meeting) or by check, contact James at jewils1@comcast.net.  The Cash App incorporates a receipting method.
  • Other social gather suggestions: have a 65th birthday gathering next year, possibly reserving a group of cabins in the Ozarks, have a Reunion in and out of town and gathering at the firing range as a group.    

As always, your opinion is valued and it counts!  Next mtg online in Jan.






Earl Cobbins - 1

James Lewis - 13

Sheila Perkins - 28


Sharon Williams - 4

Brenda Carr - 5

Princess - Taylor Adams - 5

James Wilson - 15

Carla Sanders - 18

Purnie Lester - 22

Reginald May - 22

Patsy Willins-Ybarra - 24

Darcelle Strother - 30


Denise Flowers - 2

Rhonda Tapp - 11

Inetta Childress - 13

Wanda Brown - 20

Rosetta Albritton - 22



Email:  jewils1@comcast.net


Facebook Name:  "Paseo Class Sr 1975 Only"

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