" Paseo Pirates '75"
  " Paseo Pirates '75"

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Paseo High School Sr. Class of 1975 Meeting Minutes

 September 16th, 2023     


Attendees: Pamela Bell, Linda Myles, Carolyn Johnson, Toni Kirkwood-Ealy, Cheryl Kyle, Beverly Winston-Brown, Kim Hardin-Mason and James Wilson, by Google Meet (George Davis, Vincent Roberson and Dorethea Wilson-Jenkins)


Discussion items:

  • September 9th Cookout.
    • Good attendance. We had 30 to 40 who came out. 20 were classmates.  Lots of good face time and conversations.  
    • We were able to take a group picture that has been used to update Facebook and the web site. You can view the other pictures there as well.
  • We are looking to plan for and have a Christmas dinner on December 9th or the 16th from 3-6 PM.  The date is dependent on getting a room reserved at the Golden Corral at 8800 N Skyview Ave in KC north of the river.  I will call to make a reservation.  So keep your calendar open.  Once the date is confirmed a message will promptly go out via email and Facebook.
  • If you have ideas for 2024 planning meeting places, we are listening. With dining in mind, one suggestion is the BD Mongolian in Independence. There is a sizable room we can try to reserve. Good ideas are created with good eating.
  • Class Reunion in 2025!  There is great interest in planning and taking a cruise for our 50th Reunion.  We have Janita Winston (Janice’s daughter), who is available to assist in creating a suitable package we can work with.  I will create a proposal package for all to view and provide input about.  
  • Cheryl Kyle (816-812-7109) is still Chairing the 50th Reunion Committee. Please call her to join the committee.
    • 2025 is approaching rapidly.  The time for planning is now.
    • We should still plan for alternatives to a cruise
    • Looking for theme and slogan ideas to reference the 50th
  • 11 days until the email test deadline. Your only action is to reply with “Got it” or a general conversation when you get the email.  If by the end of the test and you have not responded your, email will be pulled from the group list. The test will conclude Sept 30th.  I will be tracking all responses. There are 30 confirmed email addresses to date. An update is coming soon.  Thanks.


Old/continued Business

  • Dues are being collected for the Aug 23 to Aug 24 cycle.   In person at the meetings or by Cash App.  Our Cash app $CASHTAG is $Paseo1975
  • As always if you have something to address or suggest, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Always looking for improvement.


Next in-person meeting will be on Oct 15th; noon to 2:30.

Future meeting date 11/18




“Successful events are only successful by the participation you put in to the event!”




James W Sr.




Kari Gray-Smith - 2

Calvin Whitmore III - 7

Carolyn Bates-Jones - 9

Garron Forte - 15

James Hardeway - 15


Earl Cobbins - 1

James Lewis - 13

Sheila Perkins-Marshall - 28


Sharon Wiliams - 4

Brenda Carr - 5

Princess Taylor-Adams - 5

James Wilson - 15

Carla Sanders - 18

Purnie Hill-Lester - 22

Reginald May - 22

Patsy Willins-Ybarra - 24

Darcelle Strother-Knox - 30




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